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We specialize in home remodel  and commercial remodeling, taking an experienced approach to meeting your needs, whether you seek damage repairs, full renovations, or a project somewhere in between the two. We have extensive experience with bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Houston. Each transformation is the result of quality planning, design, and execution. We treat each project as one of a kind, tailoring it to the client’s vision.

Should you have any questions about commercial or residential remodeling in Houston, feel free to ask us. We understand that making changes to your property is very important to you, so we treat both you and your project with the ultimate care. Meeting your needs and desires is our ultimate goal. We even offer a free in-home estimate.


Bathroom Remodeling in Houston: Endless Possibilities

For different approaches and alternatives in bathroom design, count on our talented team. We can retrofit luxurious fixtures into your existing bathroom to turn it into a spa retreat. Other design choices include changing the colors on the walls, adding textural elements, and expanding the space.

Successful bathroom remodeling in Houston requires professionals who understand how to optimize floor space, fit together décor elements, install countertops, and more. That’s where Houston Remodel Pros come into the picture.

We understand that putting in new cabinets is a great way to update your bathroom while also adding more space instantly. From lighting to mirrors, there are many other ways to improve the room too. Get the best elements for this personal part of the home by enlisting our services. The result will be innovative design, modern styling, and comfortable ambiance.

bathroom remodeling in white by houston remodel pros

Transport yourself to a private retreat within your home. It all starts with a call to Houston Remodel Pros for a complimentary consultation. We will even come to you! Let us turn your vision into reality with a fantastic bathroom remodel.

Houston Remodel Pros is a full-service construction company for small, medium, and large-scale remodeling and building projects.

Remodeling Drawings

Since our launch 2 years ago, we have been growing strong. To date, we have remodeled over 200 homes remodeled. We take pride in amazing the clients who utilize our value-laden services.

Houston Remodel Pros is able to do almost any home remodeling project in Houston, thanks to the abilities and knowledge of its team members. Our licensed, insured specialists come from all conceivable areas of construction, from painting and installing to flooring, roofing and electrical. Projects pertain to residential and commercial remodeling in Houston.

Our clients are homeowners, private businesses, and government agencies. We work with companies that span various industries, from health clinics to beauty shops. Simply ask us if you would like a list of referrals. We are happy to provide you with positive testimonials from our completed projects.

We are well known within the local area for spectacular build-outs and comfortable designs, as well as elegant, award-winning kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Houston. Customers appreciate that we present ideas that are different and up-to-date. Also, enjoy the confidence of working with a team that understands and follows local building codes. We also stay current on architectural design trends and styles in Houston and the distinct areas around it.

Kitchen Remodeling in Houston: Start Living your Dream Today

A superb kitchen starts with an idea and knowledge about how to plan the project through to completion. While there are numerous options for kitchen designs, from the materials to the finishes, a quality transformation requires understanding of the practical aspects of the products, from how it fits into your budget to the way it will look relative to surrounding elements. That is why you benefit by planning with Houston Remodel Pros for kitchen remodeling in Houston.

Kitchen Remodeling in Houston

Once you agree on the kitchen design, the next phase of the project is the layout and selection of products. The exact considerations will depend on your needs and preferences.

Choices may include an expansion or changing where the cabinets and island go. There is also the type of materials to consider, and the finishes, whether it be for the cabinetry, doors, countertop or another feature. Selecting products that are practical and aesthetically pleasing can be challenging, so our team helps you by making suggestions based on years of experience.

Those aren’t the only decisions to be made either. Countertops can range from quartz to marble, and there are an endless number of kitchen faucets from which to choose. Lighting options must be taken into consideration, along with where to place them for the best illumination. If installing new flooring is part of the plan, which kind is comfortable and durable enough to withstand the amount of traffic in the kitchen?

As you can see, residential remodeling in Houston involves many decisions. Ensure you make the best choices for create your ideal kitchen by enlisting the expert help of the Houston Remodel Pros design team.

Commercial Remodeling Projects:

  • Remodeling Businesses that Stay Open
  • Retro-fittings, Build Out and Tenant Separations
  • Retail Buildings that are Free Standing
  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • And So Much More

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Our work is good. We promise. Moreover, behind that promise is a satisfaction guarantee. We will not stop working until you are fully satisfied with what we have done.

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