Retail Remodel Trends

You own a brick-and-mortar retail location and you are trying to decide how best to go about  remodeling, considering, you don’t really do this that often and want to know the current retail remodel trends. You know that your location needs to be trendy, its design has to be flexible, and it has to attract customers all while maximizing profitability. So, no pressure right? Not only do you have to think about this, but you now also realize that with the way that modern trends bounce around, it may only be a couple of years before you have to go through this whole process all over again. How is it even possible to keep up with all this you ask?

The answer is Houston Remodel Pros. Houston Remodel Pros is a local commercial general contractor who partners with elite design firms and veteran architects to offer their clients the best, customizable solutions to their problems. They are experts at using the design ideas that you have to modernize your location and keep it competitive with the outside world. They take a comprehensive  list of your requests during one of their rigorous personal consultations and bring your design dreams to life down to the detail. They do this all while enlisting the help of their top tier staff to make sure that your designs are cost effective and more importantly, profit maximizing.

What’s changed from 10 years ago … retail remodel trend..

Now, let us say that you don’t think that your location needs to be spruced up yet. After all, it was only 10 years ago that you last remodeled your location, and things couldn’t have changed that much could they? Well yes, they can and they have. Due to this new generation’s fixation on automatic updates and flashy online shopping, the customers of today now have different needs that must be met to keep them in your doors. Gone are the days where you could ignore your image, and just have people shop in your location by merit of the goods that you sell. Instead now, “retailers need to WOW their clients,” as stated by Houston Remodel Pros general manager, Gavriel Puig. Plainly stated customers of today no longer just want to come to boring old shops to get their goods, they want these locations to have fresh and immersive atmospheres that inspire them to stay and buy. That’s what the retail remodel is all about now. This atmosphere must be replenished regularly. For just as you get bored quickly by the assets on your newest phone, people will soon become bored of what it is that you have to offer, and will go looking in other locations for new experiences. Retail remodel trends are not corresponding with the digital world.

For a negative example of what could happen if you go against this, just look to “SEARS.” SEARS, for the longest time paid very little attention to keeping its image modern, making small changes over the years, but not many large remodelings. As a result of this SEARS took substantial hits to their sales as people began to find their brand boring and bland. They didn’t realize that in order to keep up with the rising popularity of e-commerce, as well as the changing aesthetics of the future, they would have to change rapidly, as well as frequently. So, instead of shopping at SEARS, people began to go online or to  other stores that offered the same products in a sleeker environment.

In a time where e-commerce is taking nearly 15% of all retail revenue and where demands for new, innovative designs have reached a fever pitch; it has never been more important to make sure that you have a team that makes sure that you are implementing your plans in the most efficient ways possible. If you would like to schedule a free estimate and consultation today and get your business on its way to becoming the beautifully designed, competitive business that it is for you; then contact Houston Remodel Pros today!

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Author: Ryan Wood