modern kitchen remodel in Houston

Recent Home Remodeling Projects in Houston. Live better with Houston Remodel Pros.

At Houston Remodel Pros we are proud to show the recent home remodeling projects that we did in the months of November-December 2017. It is the time of the year when everyone was busy with holiday shopping and preparing to meet the New Year; lots of people did the revision of old stuff in the house and wanted to refresh, update, and change how the house looks. Here we are ready to help with flexible financing options for home remodeling in Houston, with great ideas for any budget and the best industry standards craftsmanship. Our customers could continue their regular work-life routine while our remodeling professionals prepared the plans, chose & bought materials and implement the work in the timely manner. Isn’t it the easy change you deserve?

See it for yourselves.

Examples of Home Remodeling Projects in Houston 2017



bathroom remodel before photo as part of home remodeling project


This is a bathroom before photo. Bathroom looks neat and clean, but old fashioned. Old tile, old counter tops, old gloomy paint, old lighting.










modern bathroom remodel in Houston
bathroom remodel after photo


And this is the photo after remodeling. Modern, simple and luxurious style. Isn’t it the bathroom you would like to shower every day?

Refreshing the look of your living environment helps you to feel yourself better and enjoy life.








kitchen remodel in Houston
kitchen remodel before photo


Before photo of old fashioned kitchen with old cabinets and appliances.

Aren’t you tired living in an outdated environment of the 80es?










modern kitchen remodel in Houston
kitchen remodel after photo


After Photo of modern kitchen with update floors, new cabinets, island and style.

The kitchen looks completely different. Wouldn’t you want to make a nice dinner and invite friends over at this environment? Kitchen updates often don’t cost a fortune. It is about creativity and the right details.







We at Houston Remodel Pros are ready to help you fulfill your ideas with ease and comfort.

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