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Houston Remodeling Contractor: Turning Catastrophe into Positivity

SPREADING Positivity ❤ during the hardest times for Houston after flood!
For many home and business owners the recent flood in Houston was a catastrophe. Houston Remodel Pros has been helping people to recover with a profit! Here is one of the stories.
30 days after the Harvey, a flooded 2 bedroom apartment in the Galleria area was turned into gorgeous newly renovated space, originally worth $190k and now appraised for $250K. Houston Remodel Pros, the local commercial and residential remodeling company, helped the owner to fund the renovation with interest much lower than a credit card, 10 year term with 2 months no payment. The owner’s real estate agent just informed us that they found a renter willing to pay the asking leasing price! And the owner hasn’t put any money down yet, he will begin to pay low monthly payments in January and receive a net of $700 per month and is also waiting for FEMA to step in.

This Apartment flooded. Friend of ours thought his life was over because he wasn’t ready for the unplanned expense. The property has never flooded before and his was 1 of only 10 that took in 5″ of water. Initially he came to us for help hoping free service, not wanting to turn him away due to our inability to provide something at this time for free we initially helped him with multiple donations (clothes, cleaning supply, even furniture) and other channels of help, it was still not enough! THIS was not the end, he knew FEMA was taking forever due to more than 1 million people affected and he wanted to get it done fast and decided to put in the market for Sale or Lease while he moves in with his girlfriend…. and That’s when we came in! Our solution was to beautify the space due to location Fast and Affordable. We offered him the possibility to bring in more light and a little bit more class to the Entire space which is 40 years old and in definitely in need of renovation, we undertook this improving the floors, kitchen, bathroom and Chimney even improved doors, windows, and trim as well as faucets and knobs – we did entire home remodel. We sat down with him and based on his 600 credit score we were able to fund his renovation with interest much lower than a credit card, 10 year term and other beautiful perks such us $500 discount and 2 months no payment because we offer to pay for this to help him back on his feet.

Out of this Catastrophe we believe our friend was SMART and gain so much by simply changing his perspective. We believe a lot of people might be under this situation and is the reason we are sharing this example. You can to live better and do much better if you decide to not be a Victim and start embracing Change for the better.

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We are here to help our community to recover. Call us at 832-460-0974 to meet with our project manager and see what options are available to you whether you are a home owner or business owner.