home remodeling in Houston to accommodate seniors

Expert suggestions for home remodel in Houston, that will suit your elderly

Time and again, you probably would have heard your parents say they don’t desire to ever live in another place except for their homes. No matter the amount of comfort offered in a nursing home, an assisted living facility, or anywhere else for that matter nothing beats the comfort of one’s home. But the present structure and condition of the home may not be suitable for the elderly. You do not have to worry about that any longer. We are here to cater for your home remodel in Houston TX.

Below are seven projects that you can adopt to make a home more conducive, convenient and secure for the elderly, as compiled by our team of experts.

  • Modify step entries

Climbing over traditional threshold may prove an arduous task for the elderly. So if your house has one of those, contacting a trusted home remodeling contractor may be necessary. A home remodel in Houston, TX may add a low or no-step entrance or alternatively, the porch steps may be swapped with a gradual incline from the driveway. Entering the house thus becomes easier and you do not have to worry about the possibility of your elderly falling.

  • Replace stairs with ramps

Even for a young an active person, climbing the stairs after a hectic day at work sometimes looks like a Herculean task, how much more for the elderly. Asides the obvious possibility of fatigue, climbing the stairs by the elderly is dangerous as any slip could lead to a huge fall. Home remodel in Houston, TX could help your elderly circumvent this by installing a ramp. Having an elevator or a chair lift also would not be a bad idea if your home is multi-story.

  • Consider Installing Handrails

For the seniors, maintaining balance while walking around the house may not be as easy as you think. A handrail on both sides of the steps and some other strategic places in the house, installed by a home remodel in Houston, TX would make getting around a lot easier and that can be handled by our home remodeling contractors in Houston TX.

  • Adjust The Bathroom

Conventional bathrooms are definitely not elderly friendly and some bathroom remodeling may be needed to correct this. Remodels that could be done include fixing grab bars and rails inside the shower, raising the height of the toilet, using a non-slip rug on the floor and a non-slip mat on the shower, installing a walk-in shower with a foldable seat, among others.

  • Broaden the doorways and sidewalks

At a point, your elderly may find getting around on their feet difficult and may need a wheelchair. Your doorway will, therefore, need to be broadened as the minimum doorway width that can accommodate most wheelchairs is 32 inches. A home remodel in Houston, TX would easily help with that. Home remodeling contractors would also help widen the sidewalk and make them slip resistance, even and with appropriate steepness.

  • Think of adjusting kitchen countertops

Home remodel should also adjust your kitchen countertops to make it possible for someone on a wheelchair to cook. A height of 30inches should be adequate to make cooking stress free for your elderly.

  • Install sensor lighting

Extra illumination may be needed for the elderly to move easily around the house due to their weaker eyesight. Lighting at the entrance door, pathways and walkways and kitchen should be increased and home remodeling contractors can also install a motion detector switch that will automatically switch on the lights when movement is detected. The height of light switches should also be reduced such that they would be reachable from a wheelchair.

Have you thought of making your kitchen efficient with further lighting? It would also be a good idea to make sure that every switch is placed within a reach for a person in a wheelchair.

Looking for a home remodel in Houston TX?

There probably is no greater gift you can give to your elderly asides helping them live their remaining years with ease and comfort. For any home remodel in Houston TX, be sure to contact us as our team of highly skilled professionals have a track record of making homes a heaven for the seniors.